White Lucifer Injured Blood Angel Wings

White Lucifer Injured Blood Angel Wings
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    Canvas painting White Lucifer Injured Blood Angel Wings Picture Anime Posters And Prints Wall Art Painting On Canvas Room Decoration living room


    Lucifer's wings are the angel wings of Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer had Maze cut the wings off, and he later destroyed them. However, at the end of season 2, the wings were restored to him due to Lucifer's new emotional state.


    Resurrection: An angel's wings gives them the power to resurrect humans as their wings allow them to travel into Heaven or Hell and retrieve their soul for resurrection on Earth.

    Lucifer's are also the only of his siblings to be white, which has left some confused. This is especially true as they do seem to hold meaning in the television series. When Lucifer begins to lose the ability to control his devil face, his wings become devilish black variations as well.



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